Apollo Health and Wellness Covid-19 Procedures:

We have put in place cleaning procedures at Apollo Health and Wellness to comply with HSE guidelines and ensure the safety of both our staff and customers⁠. Check out this video detailing our hygiene procedures, your safety and the safety of our staff is of the highest importance.




  • If you feel sick in the days coming up to your appointment, please ring ahead and reschedule until a time that you are feeling well again⁠.
  • At Apollo Health and Wellness, we have a strict social distancing plan in place. This includes access control to the store, therefore, ensuring only one customer present at any one time. ⁠
  • We have allowed for a larger time gap in between floats and other services to allow time for an even more intensive clean than before.
  • We are working from a WhatsApp system where the customer sends a what’s app to the store to let us know they have arrived to limit close contact.
  • A Perspex screen at the counter creates more protection for the staff and customer. Please sanitise your hands on entry and endeavour to wear a mask.
  • We have also made a strict sanitisation schedule for in between each float so we ensure no stone is left unturned.



  • Everything mobile in the room will either be removed and replaced with a new one or thoroughly cleaned.
  • Every single exterior surface is thoroughly disinfected with 1% hydrogen peroxide solution with a pressure spray which requires 5-minute minimum contact time. It is then rinsed with freshwater and dried after every session. This includes walls and ceilings and everything visible in the float room.
  • The float pod itself is cleaned both inside and out and also operates a triple filtration system, which cleans the entire body of water four times between each float and also runs all night. The filtration system has a UV light which kills any living organisms in the water.

We really look forward to seeing you all and despite everything still ensuring you the best floating experience when you join us here at Apollo Health and Wellness.