• 3x 45 minute sauna sessions a month
  • Minimum 3 month contract (Rolling contract thereafter)
  • Can be cancelled anytime after 3 months
  •  Access to members menu which is a discounted service where it allows you to save at least 33% on all other services
  • Buy gift cards for others at members menu rate
  • Auto payment on the 1st of every month
  • Sessions store on your account if you don’t use them
  • If next slot is free on the day we will allow extra time in service for members
  • Share your floats and services with your friends 
  • Free additional service for your birthday (make sure we have it on your account)

Or, check out our General Membership – same as above but you get 1x 60 minute float and one of any other service.

Enjoy the sauna at Apollo Health and Wellness Galway. Use it with our ice tub for contrast therapy